Leica Q2 "007 Edition"
Leica Q2 "007 Edition"
Leica Q2 "007 Edition"
Leica Q2 "007 Edition"
Leica Q2 "007 Edition"
Leica Q2 "007 Edition"
Leica Q2 "007 Edition"

Leica Q2 "007 Edition"

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Leica Q2 "007 Edition"

Leica Camera is proud to announce a very special edition of the Leica Q2 full-frame compact camera, the Leica Q2 007 Edition. Announcing on September 9th, "Bond Day," this camera ties in with the upcoming theatrical release of the latest James Bond film, "No Time To Die ." The Leica Q2 007 Edition is an incredibly unique set paying homage to British cinema's longest running film franchise.

Setting a brand new benchmark in the world of compact digital cameras, the Q2 has a sensor that delivers 95% more resolution than the original Q. The new 47.3 megapixel, full-frame sensor and newly developed Maestro processor capture lifelike detail in imagery, 4k video resolution and offers ISO sensitivity settings up to 50,000. Paired with the Summilux 28mm lens with a 1.7 f-stop, the Q2 delivers unmatched image quality, even in low lighting conditions. True to its reputation as one of the best cameras for street photography, the Q2 can autofocus on a subject in under 0.15 seconds. The camera's new and improved processor now also allows continuous shooting modes with up to 10 frames per second at full resolution.

Backstory. The concept of a Leica and 007 partnership began with Michael G. Wilson, Producer of the James Bond film series together with his sister Barbara Broccoli. A leading expert on 19th century photography, Wilson founded The Wilson Centre for Photography and his passion provided the natural spark for the collaboration.

Details. Made in Germany, each limited edition camera will be individually numbered and comes in a handcrafted attache case designed by the British luxury luggage makers Globe-Trotter. Inspired by the bespoke Globe-Trotter cases that feature in No Time To Die, both the camera case and camera are finished in the same Ocean Green leather colourway. This special edition Leica Q2 features the iconic 007 logo on the deck cap and the famous Bond gun barrel design on the lens cap. 

Specifications. 47.3 MP full frame sensor, dust and spray waterproof (IP52**), HighResOLED electronic viewfinder (3,68 megapixel), fixed 28 mm fixed prime lens (Summilux 1:1,7/28 ASPH), Fast Auto Focus (0,15s), 4K Video Bluetooth for easy connection with Leica FOTOS App, ISO 50 – 50.000, high-resolution touchscreen. Q2 handgrip in black with green leather, size L fingerloop for handgrip, Q2 black thumb support, black with green leather carrying strap, lens cap with special engraving, Globe-Trotter green leather case, AC adapter and USB cable.

"Every photographer has their very own style, but I feel that with our Leica cameras, we all speak with one voice."

Michael G. Wilson

Leica’s partnership with British cinema’s longest-running film franchise has seen the cameras play a role both on set and behind the scenes.

In No Time To Die, Leica worked with the 007 production team to display Leica cameras on the sets of James Bond’s Jamaican home, and fittingly the ‘Leica Q2’ in Q’s home in London.

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Off-screen, Michael G. Wilson has curated an exclusive photography exhibition featuring 25 unique black and white behind-the-scenes photographs shot on Leica cameras by Michael G. Wilson, Daniel Craig, and No Time To Diephotographers Nicola Dove and Greg Williams.

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