Davy Linggar


Davy Linggar is a practicing artist/photographer based in Jakarta Indonesia. Though mostly renowned as a photographer, his usual medium also include painting and found object installation.

Davy was born in Indonesia on 8th July 1974. Davy has been drawing and painting since he was small. He formalized his fine art study in Bandung, followed by photography study in Germany.

Davy has been involved in numerous collective exhibitions, local as well as international, since 1990. One of Davy’s works are the controversial Pinkswing Park (2005), in collaboration with Agus Suwage, which drew attention to ongoing issue of problematic political as well as freedom of expression in Indonesia.

Davy has been Leica Indonesia Ambassador since 2016. 


Website: davylinggar.com

Instagram: @davylinggarphotography, @davylinggar



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