Ruben (Roe)


Ruben (Roe) is an architect who fall in love with photography about 5 years ago. He started his journey as cityscape photographer but one day he discovered the micro livings who live among hustle bustle city of Jakarta. Livings that contain many stories, portraying the marginal community that is far from being glamorous. That marked his new leap in photojournalism, social documentary and street photography journey.

For Roe, photography is subjective and personal matter. It is defitiely not only about mastering the techniques nor the latest gears. He believe that by adding “Me” (you, us, in that matter), the soul and spirit, it will take that craftsmanship into works of art.

In 2015, Roe was the winner of BMW photo cup both in Indonesia and Asia Pacific.

Ruben has been Leica Store Jakarta's ambassador conducting photo hunting, street photography and phototrip since 2016.


Instagram: @rhapsodyroe

Facebook: roe.photowork



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