Leica Q2 Reporter
Leica Q2 Reporter
Leica Q2 Reporter
Leica Q2 Reporter
Leica Q2 Reporter

Leica Q2 Reporter

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Leica Q2 Reporter with Kevlar Armourning

Showcased at the recent Celebration of Photography in Wetzlar, the Leica Q2 Reporter continues the long-standing tradition of integral design specifically crafted to meet the challenges of reportage and press photogrpahy. Along with its robust exterior, the camera is distinguished by a deliberate discreet appearance -- enabling the photographer to work without drawing undue attention. Both the red Leica dot on the front and the engraving on the top plate are consciously omitted for this purpose.

The design variant of the Leica Q2 is enveloped in a "body armour" made of Kevlar - a synthetic material known for its exceptional resilience. Over time, exporsure to natural UV rays will change the fabric's color, until it matches the dark green, highly scratch-resistant finish of the camera body. In addition to these traits the Leica Q2 Reporter offers the same level of protection against dust and water infiil

The Leica Q2 features a newly developed high-resolution OLED viewfinder, which offers a lag-free high refresh rate and faster auto-switching between the rear display and EVF. The high resolution of 3.68 megapixels in the viewfinder provides the clearest vision of the user’s composition to perfectly and accurately frame subjects. OLED panels, known today for being utilized in the highest quality smartphone and TV screens on the market, are superior to LCDs as they control each pixel’s brightness independently – this yields a better color depth and quality for a more pleasing experience every time the camera is raised to the user’s eye.

The essentials:

  • Enriched with matching details that fit the concept of the M10-P Reporter
  • Made of Kevlar
  • No Leica logo on the front and no engraving on the the top
  • Matte green finish, very scratch and fingerprint resistant
  • 47mp full frame black and white sensor for stills and 4K video
  • ISO range of 50-50,000

A synthetic material used in high-grade protective clothing. Kevlar fibers are so tightly spun that they are almost impossible to separate. In addition to excellent grip, it is also resistant to chemcical and thermal hazards. As a result, the Q2 Reporter's Kevlar trim - woven in a distinctive pattern - offers outstanding protection even in the harshest conditions.


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